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Samsung SyncMaster 770P : PVA 6ms, 1500:1
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on October 19, 2005

Color quality
It doesn’t happen often so we have to point it out. The Samsung’s standard settings are quite good. Here is the result obtained when the product comes out of the box:

How to interpret the graph

On the left is the color spectrum, the monitor’s colorimetric range compared to the sRGB range (usually used for digital cameras). This doesn’t correspond to its accuracy, but to the range of reproducible colors.

For accuracy, refer to the graph on the right, the DeltaE. This is a measure between the color requested and the one really displayed on the monitor. The result obtained is also counter-balanced for human eye color sensitivity.

With Delta E > 3 the desired color is noticeably different from the one on the screen.
With 1 < Delta E < 2 colors are accurate. With Delta E < 1, the result is perfect.

The monitor obviously isn’t calibrated in the factory, but at least standard parameters are good. Some of the bars are still beyond DeltaE 3, but most are below. For comparison, here is what two monitors of reference are capable of:

After calibration, the result is, of course, even better. We remind you that we can’t send our color profiles as they are only valid for the computer which created them.


And here are the graphs of the two reference monitors.

As usual we measured the monitor´s real contrast ratio to compare it to Samsung’s 1500:1 claim. Before and after calibration, white is around 230 cd/m². For the first time we weren’t able to measure darkness as it was too deep for our first instrument and gives us a zero result. The second tool, which is supposed to be more precise, was unable to go below 0.2 cd/m². The final result is then “0.2” but we are probably below this. Based on this measurement we can only say that the contrast ratio is at least 230 / 0.2 cd/m² or 1150: 1.

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