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ViewSonic VP191b, MVA 8 ms: TN monitor killer
by Vincent Alzieu
Published on April 4, 2005

ViewSonic VP191b
If this test is the first one you read on our website, all will go well. On the other hand if you have already spent some time reading our articles, we are sorry but all you have learned during the last five years is going to fall apart over the next four pages. Don’t worry, we have been there before you and it is just unbelievable.

In the past, some LCD monitors builtr up strong reputations. Despite their long names, constituting real challenges for our little minds, some are still present in our dim memories. The first one is the Belinea 10 15 35 (15"), we feel that it was the first LCD really usable for games. Then came the IIyama AS4314UTG, Hercules ProphetView Pro 920, Hyundaï Q17 (all 17 inches monitors) and more recently the Hyundaï L90D+ (19")...This non exhaustive list now needs to be completed with a new name: the 19" ViewSonic 3rd generation VP191b. You won’t forget this monitor if you read this test till the end!

A new panel: MVA 8 ms

The VP191b features a new 8 ms MVA panel. It is made by AU Optronics. To reach 8ms, AU Optronics uses a panel overdrive and several physical modifications on the crystals’ level (see the epilogue at the end of this test. We were privileged to be given exclusive testing access for this panel, and we noted that, with this monitor, VA technology has now entered the reactivity world. The VP191b competes with the fastest TN 8 ms monitors (Samsung SM 913N, Hyundaï L90D+). But we will return to this area a little farther on.

3rd generation?
ViewSonic is one of the monitor manufacturers who change the components of their products without changing their names. In principle, the latest components are more recent and better than the previous ones. In this case, it is a real success!

This manner of proceeding can sometimes pose a problem, especially when retailers are still, like today, between two generations. Some still have the G2 and others already offer the G3. Because the VP191b is already available in some shops. To recognize this monitor, you just need to check its response time. If it is a 16 or 25 ms, it is one of the old ones. If it is an 8 ms (and you can see that from the large 8ms sticker on the packaging) it is the right one!

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