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Test: 7 PCI Express 3D Pro graphic cards
by Damien Triolet
Published on March 25, 2005


The situation is similar to the one of the Pro/ENGINNER test of Viewperf: the FX 4400 is in the lead followed by the FireGL and the FX 3400 is almost at the same level. The FX 540 is still behind but remains in front of general public graphic cards.

We also used the Spec practical tests for SolidWorks. We restricted results to 4 of them: the others are identical copies and don’t provide any additional information.

In more practical situations, NVIDIA clearly provides better performances than ATI, which is much slower in the Viewperf test, because even the FX 540 this time was in front of the FireGL. The 6800GT is also in front of ATI’s graphic cards and the 6600GT was placed within the first half of the tests.

Stereo mode

We installed a plug-in to activate the Stereo mode in SolidWorks. The image above is a monitor photograph, showing what we can see, if we look at a stereo image without the right system. To obtain more telling results, we emphasized this effect to the utmost, but that has no influence on performances.

NVIDIA is apparently more efficient than ATI in stereo mode with a performance cost of 45% instead of 50% for ATI. This performance gap isn’t however significant. However, once more NVIDIA is in front of ATI in terms of overall performances.

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