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Test: 7 PCI Express 3D Pro graphic cards
by Damien Triolet
Published on March 25, 2005


Once more the FX 4400 is in the lead but this time the FireGL aren’t far behind and provide equivalent performances to the FX 3400. The FX 1400 and FX 540 are one step behind and general public graphic cards are far behind.

We also used this image to observe the render accuracy of complex scenes. With complex models a very high precision is required or else surfaces get mixed up and pixels flickers.

On the left NVIDIA, on the right ATI.

It is obvious that NVIDIA offers higher accuracy than ATI. The result is identical for all NVIDIA graphic cards and all ATI graphic cards. At first sight, with this little extract, it is possible to spot 10 anomalies for NVIDIA instead of more than 20 for ATI.


With the Unigraphics test for Viewperf, NVIDIA is once more in the lead and the FX 1400 is just behind the V7100. General public graphic cards are far behind especially for NVIDIA. The Radeon provided better results and even finished up in front of the FX 540.

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