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Test: 7 PCI Express 3D Pro graphic cards
by Damien Triolet
Published on March 25, 2005

Patchwork3D developed by Lumiscaphe is a tool dedicated to high quality interactive presentation creation. This tool´s objective is to reach a level of quality far beyond any other real time application used in this test. Geometry and complex surfaces are used to reach this level of quality.

Unfortunately for ATI, this tool only works with NVIDIA’s GPU simply because developers didn’t trust ATI’s drivers. If we choose to include this application in our test, it is because it represents a part of the industry. Even if ATI’s driver quality has been improved, NVIDIA still is the reference and losing a bad reputation in the professional world takes a lot of time.

Nevertheless, Lumiscaphe told us that the reliability improvement of ATI’s drivers did finally convince them and that a new version compatible with ATI’s GPU was currently under construction.

While waiting for this new version, we have tested NVIDIA’s graphic cards with the current version. Lumiscaphe, whom we take this opportunity to thank, sent us three models for our tests, of increasing complexity. The first one uses 146155 polygons, the second 165207 polygons but this time with more complex surface and finally the last one gives a hard time to any GPU with its 449990 polygons.

Figures speak for themselves: the GPU really do have some difficulties. The poor GeForce 6600 GT collapsed and, even when the scene was working, it was unable to reach 1 FPS. Only the Quadro FX4400 was capable of reaching more that 10 FPS with the last model. The GeForce 6800 achieved similar performances to the Quadro.

Once in Wireframe render, performances improved clearly and the last scene performances were restricted by the CPU, except for the FX540. The GeForce 6600 was able to reach 1 FPS this time. The 6800GT isn’t able to catch up with the Quadro since they have drivers optimized by Wireframe render.

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